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From generations of independent, beautiful, stylish women, Ani Shirinian was inspired to design jewelry to honor those who surround her. After nearly a decade in the jewelry industry, she followed her design passion and experience to make her vision a reality. She grew up in her grandmas clothing design studio wrapping herself in spools of French lace and pearl jewelry. Since those childhood days, pearls held a nostalgic place in her heart and she was intrigued both by their beauty and meaning. As the oldest known gem with unparalleled uniqueness and an extensive contribution to history, pearls symbolize wisdom, purity and innocence. Inspired by her childhood experiences, designing modern pearl jewelry was a natural direction in following her dreams.

Founded in Los Angeles, made in the USA, designed somewhere between grandma’s jewelry chest and your closet, Victoria Six was born as a collaboration between classic pearls, vintage style and modern design. As a timeless style icon, the Pearl has continued to dominate the fashion and jewelry world. Created for today’s woman, Victoria Six jewelry is designed to be layered for maximum effect allowing women to feel and exude the powerful individuality and beauty of every single pearl. The Victoria Six woman embodies classic elegance with a strong, sexy, passionate flare for style. Proudly designed in the USA, Victoria Six uses only the finest materials to ensure today’s jewelry will become tomorrow’s heirlooms. 

To contact us please email or send correspondence to 3940 Laurel Cyn. Blvd. #1133, Studio City, CA 91604.

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